Ever heard the saying, “any press is good press”?  Well it’s still true for the most part.  Take for example the video above of Evan Longoria making a super human catch.  He saves an unsuspecting reporter’s cranium from falling victim to a foul ball.  Amazing, buuuuuttttt is it a Gillette hoax?  Thinking about that question is important, your decision isn’t.

While people are busy debating whether or not this video is a fraud, this 24 second clip is going viral.  Regardless of whether you think CGI was used or that Evan Longoria is some sort of bionic baseball superhero, it makes no difference.

If you’re having that debate you’ve watched the video, shared it and most importantly YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THEIR BRAND.  Isn’t that the goal?

At this point Gillette does openly deny any involvement in this miraculous human feat.  BUT, if this is NOT a hoax orchestrated by Gillette then they still win…. because people are talking about their brand.  No matter how you scramble the eggs, Gillette wins and either they are pulling off this PR prank themselves or that news reporter did for them.

The end goal of any marketing campaign is to get people talking about your brand and if all goes well eventually consuming it.  So, what are you doing to improve your brand discussion and exposure?

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