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How to Tame Distractions and Get More Work Done

You’ve just arrived at work and realized that you’ve forgotten your smartphone at home. Suddenly, it feels like the world is about to end. I’ve lived this nightmare and so did one of m..

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We move seamlessly from wild creativity to structured process. This one brain approach means our work delivers bottom line results.

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  • From engaging Cheryl and her team to handle our marketing and digital presence, we have seen a direct increase in our business. Furthermore, the responsiveness and suite of services for our needs has allowed our company to better compete in a highly demanding marketplace. We see this as a strategic partnership to realize our long term growth goals.

    Dean Wood, CEO

    Borderworx Logistics Inc.

  • circus is a wonderful partner to work with. Their ability to develop a strategic marketing program is second to none. They are keenly aware of the challenges that we face in both our industry and our day-to-day work, and meet them head on. From finding efficiencies that stretch our marketing dollars to developing innovative ideas, I've worked with the circus team to achieve our marketing goals, boost our brand and win national awards.

    Corey Quintaine, Marketing Manager

    Kildonan Place

  • I'm pleased to report our first success based on the quality of our website. A new client called out of the blue and told us that "any company that doesn't put value and time and effort into maintaining a good website is not worth considering". That was the criterion - a well formatted website. Kudos to you and your team for fixing our site quickly ...and more leads keep coming.

    Mark Corlett, CEO

  • The circus team provides leadership in strategic messaging, with a strong emphasis on brand building and brand management. The team is thoughtful and deliberate in their approach, creative and current while providing practical ideas.

    Sarah McPherson, Director, Communications and Development

    The Oakville Community Foundation

  • I give high marks to circus for being responsive, creative and using a strategic approach to social and digital media...and they’re fun. I need more of that.

    Don Jackson, V.P. / General Manager

    SilverCreek Commercial Builders

  • This team of innovators is very focused and dynamic when addressing the needs of our shopping centre. They are a team of go-getters that inspire creativity!

    Eleni Koukoulidis, Marketing Director

    Bramalea City Centre

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