Founded in 2004, circus is a full-service independent agency advertising that is committed to outperform expectations in digital, social, strategy, design and event marketing. We're specialists who know how to engage and inspire - to turn the spotlight on your product or service - to draw your audience into each message and then have them return for an encore performance.

Our clients include businesses in the retail, industrial and nonprofit sectors. Using our Springboarding process, we'll do a deep dive into your business to find out what drives it. Our clients trust us to do what's right, not what's easy.

We create work that looks good and delivers the goods.

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What's up with the unicycle?

With a name like circus all sorts of visuals come to mind. Most of them were far too obvious or just way too, well, circusy! We wanted an icon that captured our brand name as well as our brand essence. Something that reflected our commitment to outperform – like the unicycle. It’s uncomplicated but requires a great deal of talent, skill, courage and balance. It’s nimble and it’s fun. Just like circus.

Walking the walk

circus is dedicated to improving our sustainability business practices. We recycle and reuse. When renovating our offices we sought out environmentally friendly products, low emission lighting and recycled materials. Our new location offers public transit options, bike racks and the ability to use good old fashion people power to visit shops and restaurants.

We believe in giving back. We are active supporters of the local Food Bank and contribute to several nonprofit organizations on a regular basis.


Our work regularly earns recognition from national and international marketing and design competitions. We are always thrilled when we win but outperforming for our clients and seeing our clients outperform in turn is what truly drives us.

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