Since 2004, circus has helped revitalize brands across Canada’s top industries by refreshing brand identity, website design, customer experiences, and social media. Our clients include businesses in sectors such as retail, shopping centres, industrial supply and services, and manufacturing.

Our passion is B2P, business-to-people marketing. In our experience, businesses don’t make decisions. People do. We help them make smarter decisions.

Ideas can take us anywhere and our insights lead the way. By analyzing your brand, target audience and competitors, our insights inform a new and contemporary brand strategy that engages, whether it’s consumers, business professionals or your employees.

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Our community. Our responsibility.

We believe in giving back, whether it's to our local food bank, a women's shelter or a community in need overseas. We help where and when it's needed.

We embrace sustainability, too. For our office renovation, we sought out environmentally-friendly products, low emission lighting and recycled materials. To visit downtown shops and restaurants, we use good old-fashioned people power.


It’s our motto, our creed, and our philosophy to go above and beyond for our clients, so they can outperform, too. Our work regularly earns recognition from national and international marketing and design competitions.

And we’re flexible to work with, too. We bend over backwards for our clients but with a name like ours, would you expect any less?

What’s up with
the unicycle?

Our name is sure to conjure up all sorts of visuals. We wanted an icon that captured our brand name as well as our brand essence. Something that reflected our commitment to outperform – like the unicycle.

It’s uncomplicated but requires a great deal of talent, skill, courage and balance. It’s nimble and it’s fun. Just like circus.

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