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2023 Marketing Predictions that Came True in Q1

We’re taking a quick coffee break with Sydney, our Communications & Marketing Director, to chat about 2023 marketing predictions that we’ve seen come true so far in Q1:

  1. Dominance of short form video
  2. Influencer culture / user generated content
  3. Rise of artificial intelligence

Starting with Short Form Video

Video is still the number one format being prioritized on social media. It generates the most engagement and is one of the most effective tools for creating a captivating online experience.

Ultimately, it’s what users are looking for. If you’re not currently using it in your marketing strategy, you should be.

Influencer Culture & UGC

It’s becoming more and more clear that customers want to hear from people, not brands. Utilizing influencers and UGC is an effective way to spark authentic conversations with your target audience & build a strong reputation and online community.

One easy way to tap into this strategy is to leverage your employees as micro-influencers – after all, your employees are your biggest asset.

Let’s Talk AI

This technology is taking the world by storm, and we’re excited to see how it can be a helpful resource to marketers – but we don’t think you should be getting rid of your copywriter or marketing director just yet.

We love using it to kick off our brainstorming sessions and for its optimizing capabilities. When it comes to AI-generated content, it’s very clear that this is a powerful tool, but it’s still relatively new and needs some improvements.

Is it worth exploring and adding to your marketing tool belt? Yes. But use it wisely.

There’s so much to say here – we’re just scratching the surface. For a bit more of an in-depth look, check out this blog we recently wrote on AI.

Looking to add these to your marketing strategy?