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Employee Marketing: What Is It, and Why You Need It

As a business leader, you have your eyes set on buyers—consumers of your product or service. But have you made sure to connect with every buyer – that is, your employees too?

Employees are your brand’s biggest asset. Thriving companies today understand the impact proper investment in your employees can have on business. Having them buy into your business can be your most effective sales tool. But how exactly do you achieve that?

As a growing trend in the business world, employee marketing, also known as internal marketing, is a communication strategy that transforms the employee experience. It aligns every worker in your organization around company goals, improves workplace culture, and fosters brand advocacy by sending out relevant messages that drive intended actions.

And the benefits of employee marketing don’t stop there.

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Here’s 5 reasons why your business needs employee marketing:

  1. Increases Productivity: Informed, valued and heard employees are more productive. Guess what comes with improved productivity? You guessed it, profitability.
  2. Boosts Retention: Engaged and motivated employees are at least 44% more likely to stay in their current place of work.1  
  3. Increases Company Advocacy: The more employees buy into the big picture, the more they understand their role in achieving your company’s goals, resulting in more advocacy and less friction. Employee influencers are your most trustworthy marketing force, building brand reputation, driving sales & growth, and attracting new talent.
  4. Fosters a Culture of Inclusion: Employees feel welcomed, safe, and heard at work. The recent pandemic made fostering this sense of togetherness challenging—but it is possible!
  5. Better Employer Brand: All of these amazing benefits result in one key result: building an awesome employer reputation. Companies that are perceived to be amazing employers see higher quality applicants, better profits, and a company culture to be proud of. 

Makes sense, right?

Let’s brainstorm how you can implement this. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consult.