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Got A Minute? Taking Advantage Of Micro-Moments With Short Videos



1. Show them how!

There are more than 135 million how-to videos on YouTube addressing every need, whim and question that you could search for (YouTube How To Trends). Creating a short video (and we mean short) establishes your company as an expert and trusted source, which in turn generates increased loyalty.

2. Be a tease!

Whether it’s a teaser, interview or highlight reel, use short video to create buzz! Take a look at Cambridge Centre’s Fall Preview.

3. Offer a sneak peek

Consumers don’t only use their devices to make purchases, but also for research, entertainment and much more! Show off your brand in a fun way with a preview or peek behind-the-scenes. Grab them in the moment!

4. Show off! You know you want to

Launching a product or playing around with a new office “toy”? Capture these moments in video too! Consumers are actively looking to learn, discover or find new things.

5. Flaunt what you got!

Don’t be shy. Create a video that brings attention to what your business does, but be sure to do it in an engaging and entertaining format.



Embrace The Short Video!

There are hundreds of micro-moments taking place throughout a person’s day. Use a short video to deliver immediate answers and influence decisions right at this very moment!

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