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How Long Should Short-Form Videos Be?

Attention spans aren’t getting any longer. People want bite-sized content they can consume on the go – and by bite-sized, we mean around 30 seconds in length.

It’s not much time, but by keeping your video short, you make every second count. This results in higher engagement rates, leading to more shares, likes and conversions.

What if 30 seconds isn’t long enough?

There’s a good chance you have a lot to say on a topic – and that’s the beauty of short-form video. Having lots to say doesn’t necessarily require a longer video.

Rather than putting everything into a long-form video where people might drop off before getting to the best part, you can split it up into many short stories that keep your audience captivated.

Plus, you get to see what part of your story your audience is most interested in.

Now, there are exceptions to the rule.

On TikTok, 15-20 second videos are still going viral. However, we’re seeing a shift to more vlog-style videos: 1-3 minutes in length with a bit more of a storytelling approach. These are very effective at engaging your audience because they allow creators more time & space to form deeper connections with their audience.

Our advice: start short, test and expand your video length accordingly to maintain your audience’s attention.

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