Brand Recovery Series

It’s ok to be bored. We promise.

It struck me the other day that instead of hearing people say they were busy, they sheepishly admitted they were bored, as if being bored was an admission of some sort of terrible character flaw. However, I would like to suggest that being bored is exactly what we need more of. Boredom offers a unique opportunity to think, reflect and be inspired.

So quit trying to avoid being bored. Put away your phone, quit mindlessly scrolling Instagram or Tik Tok when you find yourself with nothing to do and embrace the freedom of boredom.

boredom frees the mind

Think back to the last time you had a “eureka” moment where you were truly inspired. When was it? Were you sitting on your back porch blissfully just “being” or jogging along a trail with nothing to think about but the sound of your breathing? Or was it perhaps when you were cleaning your home, which is typically a truly mind-numbing activity, when a breakthrough solution or amazing idea suddenly popped into your head? It’s these non-notable moments that usually produce the most notable ideas.

but does boredom make us boring?

Quite the opposite! Your creative juices will start flowing again, you’ll be more fully present, less harried, and I dare say, more interesting company for colleagues, friends and family.


So go ahead, permit yourself some downtime to just think. It may turn into your most productive moment of the week!

Check out my five ways to
happily embrace boredom


Let your mind wander aimlessly and enjoy the journey.


Follow interesting paths of thought and see where they lead.


Capture ideas that strike a chord. They are often elusive so write them down.


Take a few moments to explore your ideas. They may lead you to an unexpected breakthrough.


Listen to the heart of your inner and slightly bored mind … it may be nudging you towards an exciting new adventure.

Like my mom always said,
“it’s good to be bored ”.