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Mother Always Said Be Nice & Share



  1. Don’t share that on LinkedIn!
    Remember the purpose and audience of each social network before you post. A cat riding a Roomba isn’t appropriate for LinkedIn.
  1. Think before you Tweet!
    Don’t rush to share content. Last thing you want is a spelling error, or worse, your Social Media Coordinator accidentally tweeting from your brand instead of their personal account.
  2. Be careful before you jump on the bandwagon
    “Newsjacking is a sexy term that means stealing mindshare from trending news or an event” (CIO). Exercise caution when inserting yourself into a current events conversation because your brand can risk looking insensitive or ignorant. Many brands made this mistake during Hurricane Sandy.
  3. Context matters
    Do your research on trending hashtags. Sometimes there’s more to a story than what appears on the surface. Plenty of us witnessed DiGiornio’s #WhyIStayed blunder!
  4. Get your facts straight
    Ensure you don’t share information that’s inaccurate or misleading. If you’re not 100% sure of something, don’t share it.
  5. Oldies aren’t goodies
    Unless it’s Throwback Thursday, be relevant. Don’t cover old news or use old statistics to prove a point.
  6. Be creative!
    Whenever possible, use original content. If someone else’s work perfectly demonstrates your point, at least source that infographic, article or video. Posting a picture without permission, or representing other’s work as your own is never okay.
  7. Understand your audience
    Post only relevant content that matches your brand image. Generally try to avoid topics that are too personal, such as religion or politics, which may alienate large segments of your audience.

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