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The Most Important Questions to Ask When it Comes to Your Website

When developing a brand website, whether it’s a single page or an entirely new site, it’s crucial to address overarching questions that provide strategic direction.

Questions like:

  • How does this work with our existing marketing strategy?
  • What role does this play in our sales process?

The answers to these fundamental questions should heavily influence every aspect of your website’s design – whether major or minor. This encompasses elements like navigation, content arrangement, narrative, tone, and even the finer details such as the shape, size, and color of buttons.

For instance, selecting the color purple for a button shouldn’t be a mere personal preference. Instead, it might be chosen strategically, especially when there are other buttons in close proximity. The intention might be to draw users’ attention to a specific action you wish them to take on that particular button.

In terms of content, you could create a dedicated page tailored exclusively to a particular industry or audience segment that your sales team is targeting.

It’s the overarching inquiries that enable you to spot such opportunities and capitalize on them, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your website.

By basing your decisions on a strategic foundation, you ensure the construction of a purpose-driven website that actively contributes to your company’s objectives.

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