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What do Robots Eat? A Guide to SEO.

5 Tasty Treats Robots can't resist!

  • 1
    Tasty, relevant content. Robots can’t resist juicy content so when you write an article or craft site content, spend time analyzing keywords that you believe visitors will use to search for information about your brand or the content on your website. A good recipe to follow is 9 keywords for every 1000 words. Yum!
  • 2
    Internal page links are key ingredients. In your articles, be sure to use targeted keywords to link to other pages on your website. These links not only help users navigate, but also contribute to your ranking power!
  • 3
    Stir up a conversation to create backlinks. Backlinks direct traffic to your website from an external source. The key here is to be interesting enough to get people talking about you. Backlinks not only increase traffic they are fantastic for your brand’s reputation.
  • 4
    Make it fast and fabulous. Robots, just like people, hate waiting for websites to load. Google puts a lot of weight on site speed so make sure your site’s code is optimized and your server is fast. Not sure about the speed of your site? Talk to your web programmer – or us!
  • 5
    Icing on the cake. Be sure it looks as good as it tastes! If your website’s design isn’t immediately appealing, visitors will pass it up for a more interesting site on the Google buffet.

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