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Create a Portal Your Customers Will Want to Use

Alright, let’s talk about customer portals. We know the business benefits.  Portals can seriously lighten your workload and reduce headaches when dealing with a flood of customer inquiries – especially in highly regulated industries. Plus, they can dish out some juicy customer insights.

But here’s the kicker: it’s all for naught if your customers aren’t buying in and using it.

So, here are a few nuggets of wisdom to make sure your customers will want to use your portal.

1. People don’t like to learn new things.

Nobody likes feeling like a fish out of water when navigating new software, right? Stick to what folks already know when it comes to web apps. Stray too far from the norm, and you’ll have a mutiny on your hands.

2. Design from the user’s perspective.

Forget about your internal jargon and processes that only make sense to your team. Your customers couldn’t care less. Think about what they need and want and consider how they’d like to interact with your portal.

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3. Leverage the data you have.

It’s likely you already have a lot of information about your customers. Use what you’ve got. Don’t make your customers repeat themselves or dig around to provide info you should already have. Be proactive, anticipate their needs, and smooth out their journey.

Sure, customer portals can be game changers for your business, but remember, it’s all about whether your customers are buying in. So, keep it user-friendly and customer-focused, and watch the magic happen!

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