Why Boredom Can Be Good For You

We spend so much time being busy. We live it, breathe it and almost seem to value it. It’s our go-to excuse for why we can’t get things done. Ironically, it’s our busy-ness that gets in the way of our time for critical thinking and stifles our creativity. We cram our workday with meetings and appointments, and our downtime with errands, activities and clubs. We’re left with no time to be bored any more. No time to think, reflect and be inspired.

We actually spend most of our days and nights avoiding boredom. It’s like we’re afraid to find ourselves with nothing to do. After all, what would we post on Facebook or Instagram – a picture of doing nothing?

It’s Ok to be bored. We promise.

Think back to the last time you had a “eureka” moment where you were truly inspired. When was it? Were you in the middle of a meeting? What were you doing? Juggling your kids’ carpool?

Likely not.

We all need some quiet time so we can calm our mind and notice what’s around us. Maybe your quiet is time when you’re driving in your car, with no distractions, and you see something that inspires you. For others, it might be jogging along a trail with nothing to think about but the sound of your breathing. Even cleaning your home (as a mind-numbing activity), can suddenly, give you an idea. It’s these non-notable moments that usually produce the most notable ideas.

We all need some quiet time so we can calm our mind and notice what’s around us.

But does boredom make us boring?

No, quite the opposite. Once your creative juices start flowing again, your coworkers, friends and family will find you much more interesting. You’ll be less distracted and more fully present once you embrace boredom now and then. Take the time to let go of your busy-ness and pause. It’s only then that you’ll see the little things – what others have missed – and be inspired by it.

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“What does inspiration look like? Google would say it looks like pictures of light bulbs overlaid with inspirational quotes. We say it is just a moment of stillness, a pause– a moment where you, like the woman above, are just a little bored.”