Why Discomfort is Good for Your Brand

While downloading my new Spotify app this weekend – a gift from my son – I experienced a nagging discomfort at first. I didn’t know what I was doing, became overwhelmed with all the choices available, but I soon got the hang of it. In the middle of deciding which songs to download, it asked me if I wanted to connect to Waze. Hey, why not? We all want to drive on the fastest route home while listening to our favourite tunes. Playlists and planned routes. Shortcuts and convenience. They’re now interconnected and a part of everyday life, providing both predictability and comfort in an age of constant change.

Change is the new normal

While business owners are used to making tough decisions, they avoid ambiguity. When given a choice, they tend to seek clarity and stability over exploring the unknown.

Rest assured. Discomfort is good for your brand and a necessary part of decision-making. Whether it’s a brand evolution or revolution, the role of your marketing agency is to take you out on the edge of what’s possible. As a trusted partner, it’s our job to explore options that you’ve never considered before. Addressing the pain points you’re experiencing gives them attention and focus. We bring a fresh perspective with new approaches. This is where innovation happens.

The “ouch factor”

For a brand to stand out, it needs to be unique. Being different from competitors is at the core of every brand’s strategic positioning. It informs all of your marketing tactics, from how your product is packaged to the delivery of services to your customers. At the same time, your brand needs to stay true to its roots in order to be authentic and credible. This is where discomfort arises.

I like to call this the “ouch factor.” If a decision is easy, then the solution is likely too obvious and you haven’t explored enough options of what is possible. Change for the sake of change is not the objective. A brand must remain authentic and personify its core values. Over time, it must evolve to stay relevant.

“The role of your marketing agency is to take you out on the edge of what’s possible.”

Brand or be branded

The near-term danger lies in indecision. If you delay your decision about how you want to evolve your brand, you run the risk of your customers and the greater universe deciding for themselves what your brand means to them. I don’t have to explain why this outcome never ends well!

The immediate danger lies in the absence of a clear brand vision. Once you know where you’re going, you’ll know what needs changing first. Using an agency’s resources and expertise will accelerate the process and save you time in the long run. The result will be a strong foundation and a competitive advantage.

By leaning into your problems, you’ll soon kick the door open to finding new marketing strategies and tactics to add to your toolbox. The next time you’re experiencing that “ouch factor,” remind yourself that you’re exploring new territory. Keep on.

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