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Why You Need An Expert: Social Media

By now, almost everyone we know has a Facebook account and knows how to post status updates and share photos. Many people know how to operate a car too, but not everyone knows its inner workings well enough to modify, diagnose or repair one.

If your brand’s Facebook page has fewer followers than you do, if your last status update is no longer relevant or if you have no idea what your engagement rate is, it might be time to call a social media specialist.

Easier Said than Tweeted
Weekly Time Commitment

Social media at a corporate level is not as simple as sending out a message every once in a while; doing it well can be a part or full-time job. According to Social Media Examiner’s 2011 State of Social Media Marketing Industry, the majority of marketers commit more than 6 hours per week maintaining their professional social networks and plan on increasing their activity.

To succeed in the social media world, it takes time, effort and a desire to chase a moving target.  Some people balance this well, others realize the value of putting an expert on the case, and others don’t even realize there’s an opportunity to do things better than they currently are.

The Science of Social

There are a number of things that experts know that will benefit your brand:

–          How to attract fans in the most effective ways

–          Stepping out of their own personality to speak in the voice of the brand

–          Choosing the best timing and frequency

–          Finding key influencers and how to benefit from their influence

–          Knowing when to respond, hide, or delete inappropriate remarks

–          How to analyze your data and adjust the plan for improved results

Maintaining a Consistent Voice

A social media specialist has the ability to research your market and speak to your audiences and consumers in a way that they can relate to. An expert can give your audience a reason why, create aspiration, inspiration, and build a connection that might motivate a store visit or purchase. They can maintain that persona through promotion, chatter and rebuttal if required.

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Keeping it Relevant

When scrolling through your daily digest, there are plenty of tempting tidbits to share, re-tweet and re-pin, but if you must share, do so with discretion. It’s important to ensure that the content appearing on your page is relevant to your audience and follows the tone of your brand.  Shares, replies and re-tweets often look as though they originated with you, so it’s important to take the time to introduce shared content in your brand’s voice.

Fish where the Fish are
The social media landscape – 2012

There are so many social media platforms to use; but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they all suit your brand.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Pinterest are all very popular social media platforms; yet they may not all be right for the message you are trying to send your consumer. For example, Pinterest is a natural fit for shopping centres, allowing the centre to showcase the products available at its retailers, but this photo sharing site would require careful planning to make it work for a lumber company. Just like Twitter makes more sense to businesses whose target audience tweets. An expert knows how to maximize the potential of each platform, and which ones will be most impactful for your brand.

Information is Everything

Research is crucial to understanding your audience, particularly if you are targeting different groups. By collecting and analyzing audience data, an expert will cater your message to connect with your consumer on a deeper level, not only by speaking their language, reaching them when and how they like to communicate. As time passes, this bond will deepen and strengthen these loyalties over time. How is this information harvested? Through back-end analytics like Facebook Insights, Radian 6 and countless others, and above all… by asking questions and listening to your audience.

As you can see, it takes a significant amount of research, strategy, insight and time to fully maximize the potential of social media for your brand.  Choosing to hire or outsource a social media expert can provide substantial results to your company’s image and overall success. Get in touch, let’s talk about your social media strategy and how you can take it to the next level!