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WordCamp Ottawa 2017 Presentation: Fantastic SVGs and Where to Find Them

One of our talented web developers, Chris Yee, traveled to the nation’s capital to deliver a presentation about SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) at a conference dedicated to WordPress web development.

At circus, we’re big supporters of SVG’s because they enable us to deliver client websites with more professional polish, performance and pop.

What you’ll learn

For those who attended WordCamp Ottawa 2017, or for those seeking a high level understanding of SVGs,  you’ll find the following topics covered in this short presentation, along with examples and links to technical demos:

  • What are SVGs
  • Benefits of using SVGs
  • Browser support of SVGs
  • Using SVGs in WordPress Themes
  • SVG uploads in the Media Library
  • Best practices for SVG use
  • Finding SVGs

Enjoy the presentation!

Download Slides (PDF)

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