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You make me so very, very APPY!

When was the last time you ventured out into the endless world of the App Store? We guarantee there are things apps can do that you never could have imagined. Read on! You’re about to become very, very appy!

Here are a few of our favourite problem solving apps.


Problem Solving Apps


The Friendly Architect

Time to trade in your tape measure. Apps like RoomScan can draw the floor plan and draft blueprints of your latest projects so you don’t have to!


The Mobile Wallet

You don’t always have to look rude standing at checkout on your phone. With apps like Android Pay and Apple Pay becoming more widely adopted, people will soon expect to pay with a wave of their smartphone!


The Local Mechanic

Something feeling “off” in your car? Save time investigating and download an On-Board Diagnostic app, such as Bosch’s Mobile Scan, which will tell you what needs fixing by reading errors in your car via Bluetooth.


The At-Home Nurse

Your smartphone has a secret power: it can measure your heart rate using your camera! When a smartphone’s flash illuminates the skin, the camera can track the colour changes each time the heart beats.


The Personal Concierge

Beacons are taking the world by storm, and it’s apps that give these little locators their direction, from identifying shoppers and triggering customized notifications, to creating heat maps and enhanced way finding. For example, download the Starwood Hotels & Resorts app before you stay at one of their locations, and you’ll be greeted by name as you walk in the front door!


The Pocket Translator

Break through language barriers with Google Translate. Imagine stepping off a plane into a foreign country and being able to speak to locals in a language you’ve never studied – all with the help of your handy smartphone!


Now that you’ve seen the multitude of things apps can do by harnessing the native features of your smart phone, just think of ways apps can solve your customers’ problems.
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