Marketing Has No Boundaries

The circus team has experience across a wide range of industries. These are our top four.


Industrial and Manufacturing

As a marketing and branding agency, circus is always focused on creating - perhaps that's why we have a special interest in working with our industrial and manufacturing clients.

We are fascinated by the way they can turn raw materials into the functional and beautiful products we all use every day. And who can’t remember playing with trucks and diggers as a kid?

We built roads, dug deep holes and then filled them in again. It was magical... and still is, only this time we get to work with the real deal - working with companies that sell and repair heavy equipment. The companies and brands that keep our country running and prospering.

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Shopping Centres

It’s always nice when you love what you do and who doesn’t love to work in fashion! At circus we’ve been building shopping centre brands and engaging shoppers since we opened our doors. We’ve built brands that resonate with their market, developed programs that increase loyalty and visits, and, best of all, we’ve seen those shopping centres thrive year-over-year in very challenging times and competitive marketplaces.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Who hasn’t bought a bottle of wine just because they liked the label. We get it! Packaging is one of the most important aspects in marketing a consumer product. Not only does it protect the goods, it attract buyers and represents the company that produced them. At circus, we find nothing more satisfying than seeing the products we’ve designed stand out and fly off the shelf.

Black River Juice Case Study



We have a heart for non-profit organizations. We’ve worked with community and hospital foundations, faith-based missions and the local humane society to help get their message out in the most cost-efficient yet effective means possible. To be transparent, we think it was the work with the humane society that truly stole all our hearts, while Canada's Most Patriotic Challenge not only made us proud, but also won a Davey Award for Marketing Effectiveness.