To communicate their strong relationship with their people and their customers, Wajax introduced the positioning statement – Together we get more done. Overtime, it became apparent that their branding, including creative, needed to evolve to better communicate this positioning and remain competitive and current.

what we did

A Full Brand Refresh With Revised Positioning & Creative

To strengthen their positioning statement, a secondary message – in the field | on the site | in the plant – was introduced, underscoring Wajax’s commitment to work alongside their customers to get the job done, no matter where they work.

To maintain Wajax’s legacy and brand familiarity, a creative refresh needed to utilize existing brand elements, but in a new way. Included in a new brand guide and website look & feel refresh, their iconic red color anchored the new vibrant, bold colour choices, giving their designs a modern, clean, sophisticated edge with high contrast. Font choices followed suit, utilizing industrial and legible fonts that allowed for more flexibility and impact on the designs.

Updated creative incorporated images of people who work in the industries Wajax serves from construction and mining to fisheries and food production, all across Canada. By incorporating people, the messaging has shifted from purely selling a commodity to communicating the value of the people behind the equipment that make this country run.

A newly strengthened positioning statement and strong supporting creative sharpened this historic company with a current, competitive edge, while remaining true to their roots.

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