W3 Silver Award 2021

The breakthrough idea

A series of five unconventional sensory videos that told the story of Wajax’s end-to-end capabilities, without using a single word.

These stylized videos appealed to the human senses, using strategic, powerful, and identifiable sights & sounds – ones Wajax’s audience could instantly recognize, understand and relate to. From loading dock to grocery store shelf, these videos told the story of Wajax’s involvement in every step of the process of getting food & beverage goods to market. Ending with a household item, and a visual representation of the humans that enjoy their products, the narrative arc lands on one of Wajax’s core values – people.

Final sensory video targeting confectionary market shared across social media channels

Each short video was geared to a different segment of the food & beverage industry, all visually and audibly building momentum, demonstrating the industry’s fast pace and Wajax’s ability to keep operations running at peak performance and efficiency.

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The client

Wajax is a leading Canadian industrial product distributor and solution provider offering an extensive range of world class brands, products and services that support industries central to the Canadian economy.

The challenge

Wajax approached us looking for a digital solution to strengthen their position in the Food and Beverage industry – a highly competitive, niche industry – with the goal of cross-selling their range of equipment, products and services to existing and prospective customers.

The insight

With the inundation of marketing “noise” bombarding online users, we knew our greatest challenge wasn’t just to get our audience’s attention, but also to maintain it.

Breaking through the clutter of advertising was key, and with the superior social media engagement rates of video content, we knew a video content strategy was the way to go.

But not just any video strategy.

Original storyboarded concept



  • Campaign strategy
  • Storyboard
  • Video sourcing & editing
  • Social media


  • Reach: 73,856
  • Impressions: 100,209
  • Website visits: 680

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