A first-of-its kind product

EZ Debride is a disposable, single use sharp debridement instrument that was designed by a surgeon and developed and manufactured in the United States. As a unique product, it would be imperative that visitors to the new website could quickly and clearly understand what the medical device is and how it could be useful to them.

A successful launch!

circus was there right from the beginning, developing the logo, brand guidelines, stationery, product labelling, packaging, product brochures, trade show banners, a targeted B2B social campaign and an eCommerce enabled website.

To facilitate trial and sales, the website integrates with the online portal for seamless order fulfillment and shipping. Additional features of the site include testimonials, embedded videos, large hero images and a strong call to action button on every page.

Keeping up the momentum

The launch set the stage for success. EZ Debride has received a Canadian Industrial Design patent, a big step for future North American growth. The next generation in sharp debridement, the product is quickly becoming a valuable instrument that can be used by any wound care specialist.

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