Hudson’s Bay Centre is a busy downtown shopping concourse located at Toronto’s busiest subway stop. Shoppers always seem to be in a hurry, running errands, grabbing a coffee or a quick lunch before heading back to the office.

Bringing the outdoors in

circus’ insight-based approach was to create a more relaxing and visually appealing environment so that HBC’s busy downtown office workers would elect to stay indoors and shop. The strategy was to bring the beauty of nature inside and provide a more natural, stress-free shopping experience.

Putting some spring in their step

The solution was “Just Breathe,” a fresh campaign using floral designs to create a calming and consistent look throughout the centre. Four months post-launch, on the first day of Spring, shoppers were treated to refreshed imagery and a “surprise and delight” giveaway of 3,000 succulent plants. Shoppers shared photos on social media using the branded hashtag #HBCJustBreathe for a chance to win a bonus prize, driving awareness and engagement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

A stress-free contest

The week-long contest was marketed using digital screens, branded labels on the potted plants, organic Twitter posts and promoted posts on Instagram and Facebook. As a result, HBC experienced growth and engagement across all social channels.

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