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Kildonan Place, a shopping centre located in Winnipeg, Manitoba was having an identity crisis. They needed some help to figure who they were in the minds of their loyal shoppers as well as those who preferred to shop at the larger shopping centres in Winnipeg.

Are you my friend?

Focus groups revealed that KP shoppers and non-shoppers enjoyed time spent at Kildonan Place. For some KP was a true and dependable friend and for others it was more like a distant relative you only see during the holidays.

You make me happy!

Based on the focus group insights and additional research, circus developed a bright and cheerful brand that identified and positioned Kildonan Place as the place to shop happy in Winnipeg!

KP Print

Spreading the happiness

Kildonan Place embraced their new identify by wrapping the centre in a giant smile. But they weren’t happy to stop there. The Shop Happy brand started appearing everywhere in Winnipeg. Outdoor media, print media, radio and social media were used to spread the happiness.


Shop Happy – Back to School Radio Ad (30 Seconds)

Shop Happy – Holiday Radio Ad (30 Seconds)

Doin’ the happy dance

People responded with a smile and a visit. This campaign has captured the heart of the city. Now when you say Kildonan Place, people think happy. We’re doing the happy dance!

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