Kildonan Place, in Winnipeg, has been keeping their shoppers happy with the ICSC Award Winning “Shop Happy” campaign for over two years. In 2016, the goal was to take the program to the next level, with an experiential activity that continuously directs traffic (and sales!) back into the stores.

Yes, we even build Robots!

circus had an idea…a smart, powerful, computerized idea. What would make shoppers happier than a talking Robot in the mall? An interactive Robot that delivers coupons and little bits of happiness!

And so, HappyBot was born!

Over a 3 month period, the programming team at circus retrofitted a touchscreen, interactive kiosk into a custom programmed, talking Robot. HappyBot, the newest member of the Shop Happy team at KP, offers shoppers a chance to engage with a touchscreen to receive store discounts, perks or even hear a funny joke! HappyBot resides in a prime location of the shopping centre, complete with its own floor mat and collaterals encouraging shoppers to give it a try!

Is he sleeping?

Walk by and he’ll wake up…“Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey”

Did he greet you?

Customized greetings encourage engagement…“Shhhh, I saved this coupon just for you!”

Don’t forget to say Goodbye!

HappyBot will put a smile on customer’s faces by telling them a funny tale, or a cute Goodbye message to send them on their happy way.

“Well our job is done. Powering dooooooown…”

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