Kildonan Place’s Casting Call

When Kildonan Place (KP) wanted to find a way to further increase its shopper loyalty, circus saw a solution by adding a human connection to KP’s “Shop Happy” retail marketing campaign.

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Calling all Happy Faces

circus developed the concept of “Calling all Happy Faces,” featuring happy shoppers in KP’s consumer advertising campaign.

To kick-start the search, a Casting Call event was promoted on the shopping centre’s digital and social platforms and in-mall signage. The 3-week campaign drove traffic to the event with hopeful shoppers lining up throughout the day.

KP Branding People

A Catalyst for Authentic Customer Engagement

The “Calling all Happy Faces” Casting Call sparked positive conversations among KP’s social network. Participants and retailers alike have praised KP for staying true to its community values.

As circus predicted, giving real people a part to play in the centre’s creative collateral has proven to be a winning formula.

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