Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Three Morguard shopping centres across Canada were ready for a fresh advertising campaign. Each centre had a similar market demographics and retail mix and were looking for a way to maximize their marketing budgets.

I will share.

The solution was a shared campaign. By sharing one advertising campaign, each centre was able to economically launch a strong, highly effective campaign while retaining their own unique personality through centre specific strategies and tactics.

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  • morguard-poster-3

I will indulge.

Primarily directed at 35+ mothers, this campaign acknowledges that Moms put their own needs and wants last. The I WILL messages not only empower Moms but all shoppers to shop guilt-free.

I will flaunt my good looks.

The three centres fully embraced the new attitude by rolling out the I WILL campaign featuring aspirational images and empowering messages across all media from interior signage to websites, digital media and print ads.


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