Wajax distributes thousands of incredibly diverse products to customers from huge mining equipment to the tiniest of ball bearings. To communicate their strong relationship with their people and their customers, Wajax introduced the positioning statement – Together we get more done. Overtime, it became apparent that the campaign needed to evolve to better communicate this positioning.

circus was tasked with the brand evolution

brand insight

The people who work in the industries Wajax serves are deeply passionate about their equipment and the work they do. For many, this passion has its roots in childhood when they would play with their toy trucks and diggers for hours on end. Working in heavy industry is a natural extension of this childhood love. The men and women who work in this industry are passionate about what they do and are proud to be a part of the industries that build our communities and country.

two strategic pillars were developed


circus introduced a secondary message – in the field | on the site | in the plant – to underscore Wajax’s commitment to be where their customers work and to work alongside them to get the job done.

circus also introduced images that reflect the men and women – customers, vendors and Wajax employees – who work in the industries Wajax serves from construction and mining, to fisheries, and food production.

This evolved approach has created a strong brand position of authenticity and solidarity.


People like people that they can relate to, who understand what makes them tick and the challenges they face. This branding campaign was developed to tap into common, shared experiences and values.

The strategic combination of the copy and images evoke an emotion that fosters a sense of relatability and a relationship between Wajax and the people they serve. When people relate, bonds of loyalty are forged.

the result

While images of equipment, parts and services are still a large part of the Wajax branding, the addition of the secondary message coupled with the relatable, authentic and emotive branding campaign, has strengthened the foundational message, that Together we get more done.

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